Sunday, September 12, 2010

Pickling Things

With fall fast approaching, the farmers markets will soon empty out and cease their operations for the year.  That means that you ought to get as many fresh vegetables and can and pickle them.  Pickled cucumbers (pickles) are a no-brainer and easy, but it's fun to branch out a little.  I recently bought a whole bunch of tomatoes, potatoes, and onions, all of which I intend to can and pickle for the winter months.

Basic brine:
 I use a ratio of 1 tsp of salt (kosher or sea salt) to 1 cup of water.  When brining, I like to add in a couple of tablespoons of lemon juice and/or white vinegar.

Boil the jars to sterilize them.  Wash the vegetables well and cut out any bruises or soft parts.  With tomatoes, remove the seeds and surrounding gel.  Some vegetables, like onions and potatoes, should be peeled.  Most vegetables should be pickled raw.
Boil together a solution of salt and water (brine) and mix in some lemon juice or vinegar.  Pack the vegetables into the jars well, but not so they are smushing each other.  Pour in the brine and tap the jar to get rid of the air pockets.  Place the capped jars into boiling water for ten minutes.  Remove, and let them cool naturally (don't cool them by running under cold water, placing in the fridge, placing in ice water.  This will cause the glass to shatter.)
Onions and tomatoes to be enjoyed for the months to come.

Soon, I'll write about making your own sauerkraut, which can be wonderful.


Anti1337 said...

just thinking of eating some pickles makes my mouth water~ thx!

AG said...

Pickled tomato.... THE BEST!

jj_srk said...

i can't eat this shit, but some friends of mine are CRAZY about it